Kenna, Agnes, Nic and Una in Life Etc Magazine by Aaron Pedersen

    Kenna in Sid Neigum
    Una in Matthew Gallagher
    Agnes in Malorie Urbanovitch
    Nic in Paul Hardy

    Styling by Michael Meneghetti
    Photographed by Aaron Pedersen
    Hair by Lauren Hughes
    Makeup by Nickol Walkemeyer

    “Members Only” in Georgie Magazine

    “Members Only”
    Featuring: Mikaya H, Lorree V, Graham H, Steph D, Ava L, Chad R, Una F, Anica N, Emily G, Max M and Kendall G.
    Photographed by Sean Trayner
    Styling by Malorie Urbanovitch
    Makeup by Katie Matson
    Hair by Ricardo at Blunt Salon