“One’s Trash, Another’s Treasure” | 9 New Faces by Tina Chang

    The year before their 30th anniversary, Mode Models joins forces with Edmonton born International Photographer Tina Chang (Vogue Australia, Harper’s Bazaar, Dior) to present 9 of their most promising new faces in “One’s Trash, Another’s Treasure“.
    Canadian Designer and Stylist Malorie Urbanovitch fashioned looks using only recycled materials such as Bread Ties, Paper, Straw, Fabric Scraps and Bubble Wrap in the portrait series.
    “We wanted to use unconventional materials to showcase the strength of the girls and their ability to elevate even scraps of paper and plastic into looks that could be easily mistaken as couture.” says Urbanovitch.
    Photography: Tina Chang
    Art Director: Michael Meneghetti
    Stylist: Malorie Urbanovitch
    Hair: Amy Liang
    Makeup: Stephanie Strazza


    Malorie Urbanovitch Fall 2015 Campaign
    Photographed by Tina Chang
    Hair by Lauren Hughes
    Makeup by Nickol Walkemeyer