visionary, chic, ethical, audacious – these are the diverse words that describe mode models, a perennial name in the world of fashion.

    mode models is an international modeling agency that discovers, promotes and represents talent at the highest levels of the industry. and it’s far from a dull business. mode deals in dreams, searching out unknowns for stardom. many of those discovered quickly find themselves pacing catwalks in ny, milan and paris or spotting their faces on magazine covers. but manifesting these dreams takes hard work and expertise. that’s where mode’s superior management comes in. in the 80’s a young upstart named kelly streit began finding beautiful people in backwater towns on the canadian prairies and launching them to successful careers. today streit remains at the helm of the company he created. his business acumen and eye for talent continue to guide mode as a four-agency, international powerhouse that manages hundreds of modeling careers around the globe. beautiful faces are the lifeblood of the company. local offices in calgary, edmonton and portland, oregon actively recruit models by employing professional scouts, hosting model searches and producing high profile shows. then the development begins. mode guides each model step-by-step through the process. industry insiders teach novices a host of vital skills. as they develop a book of pictures they learn how to walk on the runway, move for the camera and interact with clients. intangibles like poise and presence are also fostered to ensure success in the competitive industry. the benefit of mode’s representation would be difficult to overstate.

    models are aggressively promoted to the best clients and agencies in the world. mode’s men and women have modeled fashions for virtually every top designer on the planet. and through mode’s extensive network of relationships with other agencies, models are “placed” with companies like women, img, elite, dna in foreign markets. thriving local markets in alberta and the northwest united states keep models busy when they return home. some models, like tricia helfer and katie nauta, have turned their modeling success into acting careers and now star in major motion pictures and television shows. though accomplishments and accolades are important, mode has a vision of success that cannot be captured by a camera or measured in dollars and cents. the company’s leaders are people of faith and take strong ethical stances. as a bastion of traditional values mode serves as a counterbalance against darker influences in the fashion world. leaving home and traveling to a distant city is a formidable prospect for a young person. by working closely with family to lend moral support, mode safeguards models as they begin their careers. a commitment to the wellbeing of models is core-deep. mode models offers more than just a service or product; it symbolizes opportunity. with tremendous clout and vast experience the agency stands as a door – an access point through which the best clients encounter the greatest talents. for those with promise and dedication mode models can become a portal to a world of adventure and a life previously unimagined.

    frequently asked questions

    general business questions

    how does mode models make money?

    as an agency, we take 20% of the model’s income as our standard agency fee. this is our primary source of income. only when a model works do we earn income. income derived from workshops and promotional materials is limited so we can keep costs as affordable as possible for the model.

    what’s the difference between mode international, mode calgary, mode portland and mode edmonton?

    mode models international works with international clients and modeling agencies to place models overseas with other agencies. any inquiries from international agents are directed to kelly and / or the head booker at the international office.

    in regards to international work, the other three offices are tributary in nature. it is their role to develop new people that come into the agency who have potential to model either internationally, locally or both. the local city offices ensure each new model has all the necessary promotional material and training to be effectively promoted. each of the satellite offices are in constant communication with the international office reporting the progress of models being groomed and developed for international work. as the new models go through a number of steps before international promotion can begin, all introductory questions are addressed by local office representatives.

    the local offices also promote models to clients for work in their cities with advertising agencies, local malls and stores, and commercial and television clients.

    what is a mother agency?

    a mother agent oversees a model’s career, usually the agency who started the model in the business. their role is to place models with agencies around the world and guide their career while allowing the overseas agencies to obtain work for the model in their market. for example, mode does not have an office in new york, so we work with various agencies in new york and places models with agencies there so that they can work in that city.

    mode models is not an employer. we do not issue t4s or w-2s and we are not responsible for paying any taxes or other deductions on model’s pay cheques. as a model you are entirely self-employed. it is your responsibility to keep an account of hours worked and the hourly rates you are to be paid. you need to keep records of your own taxable income and expenses. we strongly suggest you have someone with accounting knowledge guide you in the practice of self employment.

    how does mode models international choose the models to represent?

    mode international’s trained scouts have an eye to spot the next look and trend our international clients need to promote their design houses and exclusive brands. once it is determined that a potential model meets industry standards in regards to height and measurements, initial digital photos help to determine if there is potential to model either locally or internationally. if mode sees international potential, a test shoot is booked and the development process begins.

    General Modeling Questions

    where do the models live when away from home?

    each agency provides accommodation for the models they represent in their city. usually this is shared accommodation like an apartment. it may also be a hotel, depending on the city. models from the same agency will share an apartment.

    can a parent travel with the model?

    it is a great experience for parents to travel with their teen. it is an opportunity for the parent to not only get a first-hand look at the business of modeling overseas and meet the international agency staff, but also a prime opportunity to learn about other cultures and cities.

    our parents who have traveled with their teens have had amazing trips to places like new york, tokyo, milan and greece. it is up to the parents to cover all costs associated with their trip. the international agency will generally arrange for both parent and model to stay together at their residence or apartment, unless the parent chooses to make other arrangements.

    how do i get modelling jobs and what do i get paid for doing a job?

    first, mode models is an agency  who is the liaison between the models and clients. a client calls us to hire a model; at which point the booker suggests people or arranges for a casting for the client to choose the models they want to hire. then rates per hour and usage of the photos are discussed. if it is for a fashion show; a show rate is determined.

    the agency will determine the rates for the models. rates vary from job to job. higher rates or rate increases are indicative of a look, experience and usage.

    why do models have to be so tall and skinny?

    the modeling business is based on the clothing designers’ need to show their clothing. each season, designers create collections of clothing to show to perspective buyers and fashion editors. the womens collections are designed as a size 6  the standardized size.

    additionally, designers make one-of-a kind outfits to show on the runways; whichever girl they choose to wear their clothing has to fit the one-of-a-kind outfit.

    as it is with girls; so is it with guys. designers like male models to be a 40 regular or 42 tall suit with a 32 waist.

    typically, girls who model have to be 5’7 – 5’11 and a size 6.

    guys are generally 5’11 and taller.